Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elton John is singing in my head

I haven't updated this in awhile, altho "awhile" is an understatement cos my last update was in october and since then Djohan has updated this three times.

What's been up with me?

Bookbinders Design, that little Swedish stationery shop closed down. I guess I can use the term "closed down" cos its plan of re-opening at a different location has not happened yet, and neither have I heard any news of it, which is pretty sad.

It was sad leaving the place, but I got the furniture sold off much to the delight of ze big boss. I've sold furniture TWICE in the span of 10 months working for
them and was very successful I might add. I hardly think I'm a good salesperson, but I would say I am good at finding things or googling things, so I found good sites to post up notices. Craigslist may be pretty dodgy(look through the personals and you will know why), but it was highly effective in getting the word out compared to the other local singapore online classifieds I posted them on. Anyway, we cleared out and moved on.

I moved on, cos in the next few days I started work at Stormlion, which has been pretty swell. As a production assistant, I do what I do best; Google stuff. Oh and I liaise with printers and suppliers and run errands. I get my own table, I work Mondays to Fridays, don't work on public holidays, my pay is always on time, there's always food in the pantry, there's a shower in the washroom, the meeting room is a game room and I'm surrounded by really great people, and the office is in a refurbished shophouse. = happy. :)

Right now, I'm tryin out to be a comic book letterer, which I never thought was a job in the first place. but ive tried it, I like it and I hope I get it, so wish me luck. :)

Since my last post, I turned 30 and felt no different. sang guest vocals in the Wakemeupmusic choir for Plain Sunset's Collabor8 album, watched plus/minus and had a long christmas break where I stayed in bed alot and then attempted to clean my room but then sprained my back and then was in bed again and then learnt the body was not made to be immobile cos we were born to move and staying in bed actually stiffens your muscles and even if you sprain your back, you shouldn't get TOO much rest, one day of bed rest is fine but on day two, you have to get up and move around cos it will help heal faster, and I went for Goldie and danced the night away, which was probably a bad idea cos then my back hurt even more and add a thorough aching body and then I got the flu again, most likely from the room cleaning and I'm allergic to dust and alot of Dust maketh a sick Dewi, and the kl guys, Love me butch came so it was hang outs and I went to the tattoo convention and met Kim Saigh and took a pic with her and of her like a fan girl.

So thats been my life so far.

Djohan's been real busy and has been since even before the new year started.
In November last year, he had an exhibition at substation with other artists for
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and he sold 2 out of 3 of his prints. And I was so proud of him and still am up to this day. And I may be biased but I figure thats the best kind of girlfriend. But then seriously, his works are awesome and this coming from a quite critical creative persons point of view. I know what I like and I know what i don't like when it comes to art and design, and I like most of his works. Not all, but...most.

It's 4.30am on an early sunday, and it is time to sleep.

Goodnight and have a good day. :)