Monday, December 14, 2009

On the go!

Figured I ought to utilize this phone's data plan, thus my contribution to this blog via the phone. On the same note, a shout out to Matthew for embracing the social phenomenon otherwise known as the iPhone :)

Spent the day with Dewi yesterday. We ended up at Gramaphone and continued where we left off last week. Main objective was to get Embrace's "Out Of Nothing", but ended up with a couple of good stuff. Calla's "Collision" went for about 5 bucks, got Dead Meadows for about the same price as well. Minus went for a dollar, and Del The Funky Homosapien's "The Other Side Of The Brain" went for 4 bucks. Also grabbed this classical compilation called "Silence" which might come in handy when some down time is needed to chill.

Have a good week fellas.

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