Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Misguided Ghosts

It's been awhile obviously. Much has happened.I traded my nikon d70 for a d40 cos I wanted a smaller camera body that wouldn't be too bulky for me to carry around. Pretty pleased with it so far . Its pretty much an improved version of the d70 being that its still a 6 megapixel dslr, and then I found that it had an image overlay function, which resulted in the picture of us above and the picture of him that follows.. :)

I made dolls as Djohan mentioned and it got sold at the toy&comicon. That was pretty fun to make.

I made this little kitty for my god daughter.

This photo of him makes me smile, cos he's smiling!!!

Nothing much has been going on on my side lately, pretty stagnant but am getting used to my new camera, I doubt I'll be shooting professionally again anytime soon cos that somehow tends to bring that "urgh" feeling back again just at the mere thought of it. So I'd rather let it be fun just like how it used to be before i went "pro". haha.

Djohan's been busy with lots of projects with and without villains. I have been doing the last bit of vocal recording for m12. I am going to Bandung with some friends again to shop and shoot in two weeks, I'm so looking forward to that.

Today, I accomplished walking from Lido to Bukit Timah Plaza and i did that in one hour and 40 minutes or so. i was meant to go all the way home but my tummy started hurting so i hopped in a cab the rest of the way back.

why did i even walk ? i had been thinking about it for a about a year, since i was working at my last job at suntec. cos during that period i was walking alot to lose weight(which i did in a few weeks). and it seemed a great feat to walk home. suntec thru rochor and down bukit timah road is one long straight road. i always thought it to be possible although i figured it might take five hours. i didnt do it then(which was last year) cos i wasnt particularly healthy as i had those long staying coughs. and then i quit that job and well life happened and then the weather got erratic. and lately, the weathers been cool. but mainly i did it at this time, cos i havent been feeling good about myself. being that life has been stagnant and am going thru that whole soul/self searching thingamajig, i felt this walk would help redeem myself or at least make me feel better. it has. i accomplished something. my body aches now though. but hell, i did it. and i think i might just do it again... and with better shoes. i walked with my vans eras this time and my heel hurts.

ermmm..yeah so thats pretty much it. we just hit eleven months last week. we're gonna be a year old. time really does fly . :)

ps- the entry title is the title of a paramore song thats been playing in my head. theyre new album is pretty chill. its sounding a little bit country, the cardigans and folk. its been on repeat. which reminds me that i have to start thinking up ideas for m12s album cover.

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