Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freshly Baked.

We went to the comic con yesterday, and by the time we reached, the prolific artists have already made their way out. And so did the Star Wars Garrison. Dewi did seem to enjoy herself at the Ugly Dolls booth :) The remote control R2D2 is super cool. I wanted to know if it was built from scratch or if the parts were ordered in. The response I got from the people in charge was quite annoying. Was put off by the reaction. Maybe they were tired. Maybe they were obnoxious. Kinda blew a laser through my Sith heart. Wait, Siths don't care.

The convention was kinda boring come to think of it.

Met several folks there tho that made it much more fun and bearable. Saw Muhd and his wife, old school mates, an old friend who's into obscure Italian football teams. Our entourage went for dinner and headed to John's place to shoot some virtual hoops and we went on a virtual tour via Rock Band 2. haha.

Dewi had her dolls sold a one of the booths. She did such a good job. The stall really didn't do her justice. It kinda annoyed me. Cos she deserves much better. Much much better. But that's the thing with Dewi. She is great cos she's modest. She's super laid back. She laughs a lot even at herself. She's calm. Yup.

Let It Be by The Beatles is fucking annoying. Hey Jude sucks too.

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