Thursday, June 4, 2009


Wassup mah niggas! Haven't been here for awhile. Been really busy with work and projects and get too lazy to stay online beyond checking emails and facebook. Just some wee updates.

The doll project. Did these dolls for Zizi Azah's book. Fatimah and her magic socks.
Struggled but managed to pull through somehow. I vow not to make such a complicated doll template again ...unless I have a six months to do so. Haha.

I had thought about a new project whilst in the midst of the doll project and this is it. The Alphabet Project. It's really fun to do and I like how it turned out. Did this in a few hours and whilst at work, too! This letter A went to a little girl named Audrey, who turned one last week.

Some cards I did for work. simple stuff and straight to the point cos I realised most people aren't imaginative. A birthday card has to have a birthday cake or candles or the word, "birthday" on it in order to be considered to be a birthday card, so the birthday cupcake has been selling pretty quick.

Currently, am down with a cold. All thanks to pushing myself too hard and not getting enough rest. I go to Bandung in a week with Marchtwelve to record our album. I hope I recover by then and my voice is in tiptop condition. I will probably sew in between takes, if I'm not reading. I've been reading quite alot and quickly. I like getting lost in other peoples stories. I have things i need to do. One important one is setting up my room cos I have hand me down furniture that will give me my own workspace, but that will have to wait til after Bandung. And Djo will probably pass me his old pc for me to use so I can do design work in the comforts of my own room.

We love Bon Iver. Beautiful beautiful music. :)

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