Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turn It Up... A Little Louder.

I would usually update entries here with photos, but I think I'd make an exception here. I wrote the entry below on the Castles blog. Thought it'd be nice to have it here as well. Heart. Dedication. Do click the links below too.

In a world of blingz and flashy girls and Kanye Wests and Pharells and what have you, stands out a brilliant record label, Stones Throw. I got firmly acquainted and familiarized with it through iTunes sessions with John. And through that wonderfully cataloged label I found Dilla. We all appreciate good music and the dedication involved. Attached is a link (click here) that epitomized dedication and heart through the words of a mother. Dilla passed away on 10th Feb 2006 and his mom is going through an illness as well. If you guys are free, read through this article. Also visit Raise It For Ma Dukes.

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