Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dewi Marie.

Top: Cursive, South By Southwest 2009.

Wai Sum's blog is nice. Always nice links and insights to stuff.

I was looking through Dewi's old pictures and I was thinking how beautiful she is. Her eyes, her smile. Her voice and her great command of English :) She is kind, thoughtful and funny. It's a pity I don't remember the stuff we did before we started going out. Like stuff during school and the talks on the phone. I remember once though, calling her from my mobile I think. If I'm not wrong, I was at a supermarket (maybe it was at Bugis, maybe not) and had problems with my camera. And I called her cos she's very familiar with cameras and all and told her what my problem was. And yup she managed to solve the hiccup I had without much effort. She told me it's ok if I don't remember stuff cos we'd be making new memories.

Can't think of a sentence to end this entry, so I'll just screw it and end it here.

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