Saturday, April 11, 2009

You and me.

Much has been said and done since the last post. We've had our ups and downs and we've parted ways only to find ourselves still always in each others arms. Maybe there's a reason for all of this. And I'd like to believe that the reason I think of, is the real thing. That it's not something I conjured up in my head. But I believe in faith and love. I believe in you. And I believe in us, ultimately.

I like looking down at our held hands to find your fingers closed tight around mine, cos it shows you're here and that you want to be here. And when I look away and find you looking at me when I look back and you smile and your eyes, they say so much that words need not leave your lips. And falling asleep comfortably in your arms on your bed knowing that you've let me into your life no longer guarded. I love knowing I can tell you anything and everything and knowing that you are listening to my every word, that you are ever so ready with open arms to take me in when I start to feel weak and fall. I love knowing we can be friends and lovers at the same time and I am so very comfortable with you. I like that we have very much in common and we get to do things fun and sometimes work related together, and that I could go on and on about paper and you wouldn't think I was crazy. I love that you get me.

The possibilities are endless with you. But for now, just being by your side is enough.

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