Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tap tap.

So there. Manfred and Robop. Yup. I made 'em. Now, I'm making a phone cozy for Djohan's haolian phone. heh.

Shadow play and making out. And then Djohan became Batman.
Batman getting scolded.

We passed four months by the way. It's been an amazing four months. We will be heading up to Manila 5th March to 9th. And Djohan will be away with IADS in Texas and the rest of the USofA from the 17th to April 5th(a day past his birthday). So I will probably be sewing more and hanging with the IADS girlfriends in respective empty apartments. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Of felt and stuffing.

So I've been very into doing craft work and finally have something more substantial to show for it. It was my first ever handmade toy and I made it for Djohan, just cos he's been such a sweetheart and so that he may have company when I'm not around. Heh. It's my own version of a panda. Well, it is a panda, but most importantly it's a Matcha green tea panda, cos when I bought the felt I thought the colours went better than the boring black and white. My stitching still needs perfecting, but my colleague said, "Imperfections make it cuter." I'm really pleased though with the way it turned out and I wanted to keep it for myself, but it makes a better valentine's gift.(I don't care for the holiday, it just was a nice deadline to give myself.)

Before stuffing, the arms and legs look like green peppers.
I didn't follow the patterns exactly cos I wasn's using the exact materials required and my material was too thick...but I improvised. :)
panda is stuffed. But its close to 5am and I only have energy left to do the eyes.
The heart wasn't part of the pattern but I added it. :)

Completed the mouth and nose while at work. My chain stitch is weird.

Happy happy!!! But tired. But happy happy!!!
Not bad for a first. :)
This was the day after. So yes, I did the show. Blah blah blah. I'm more interested in craft stuff. And we have our Manila tickets booked. I'm very much looking forward to that. IADS and 3/4 gfs and kittywu for 5 days. Woooo!!! At least, we get to spend some excellent QT together before they head off to Texas for 2.5 weeks.

Things have been alright. Djohan is working with Villains in their new office and I'm crafty(yes! yes!yes!) with my colleague before the boss comes back. Haha!

Okay go!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Unsettling Mornings.

Dewi was on TV and she sounded great. And i'm not saying cos I'm going out with her, i'm just saying it as it is. And someone needs to tell her that too. She thinks i'm too biased :) This week was more or less summed in the pics above, recorded a new song for Sparkle at Nick's. Office got set up and Dewi on TV.

Dewi is brilliant. She really is.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The damage done.

I am David Sparkle had their TO TEXAS AND BACK fund raiser last weekend, and Djo and Mr Zahir were up on most nights working their magic for the merchandise to be sold that day. If you haven't gotten their t-shirt or poster, go get 'em.