Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back in the N.Y.

Top: Mr Wolf working it.

Top: Me being a groupie.

Chilled in the room for a bit, before heading out to Mr Wolf. He's the guy who started Stones Throw Records, which hosts some of the best hip-hop out there today. There were 2 opening acts before, and I took a walk down the streets while waiting for his set. And yes it was pretty cold. Ah taxi drivers. The first cab i hopped on, was clueless about this place. Seriously, it wasn't that far off and come on, don't you have a directory on you? I was annoyed. Luckily the 2nd cab had a decent sense of direction.

PB Wolf did a video / DJ set, I don't know what the correct term is, if any. The video was sort of synced to the music playing. He was playing lots of old school stuff and it was nice. I waited around after his set to get a picture taken. Great.

Remembered walking by a shop which I thought was a 2nd hand store. I returned to the shop and found out that it carries studio equipment, and the coolest part was, at the back of the shop was a record section which carries a healthy dose of hip-hop, soul, etc. Got the Pete Rock "Soul Survivor II" CD there. I'm still searching for this store, Fat Beats, for Madvillainy on LP. They might also carry Stones Throw shirts.

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