Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cold Slices.

Top: New York through my Franks.

Top: leaving for Boss Town.

Top: Big Bear

Top: Parts And Labor.

Top: Neptune. And their homemade arsenal.

Top: After the show.

Was on MSN earlier at noon when John told me about a show going on in Boston later on at night. So after some thought and consideration, I got onto the Greyhound at 3pm. It's 6.20 am and we're at John's apartment and the guys are on the Xbox. This was how the outing began. Reached Boston about 7.30 pm and John picked me up from South Station. It was cold! Dropped by his apartment and got introduced to his mates Jordan and the other folks. Nice guys they are. Headed down to the show at a place called The Middle East and it was great. Caught only 2 songs from Big Bear and they were awesome. Next up was Parts And Labor and it was great too. And finally it was Neptune. 95% of their instruments were handmade/modified effects, guitars, drums, the works. I'm pretty bad at giving music reviews, so do click on their names above to see and hear what they are about. Brilliant.

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