Saturday, December 13, 2008


Forgot to charge my camera battery yesterday, so didn't shoot anything. Only at night though, walked around the neighbourhood with my video cam in the rain, thought of doing a normal street tour thingy, but ended up doing 'obscure' stuff. haha. Hopefully the material's good enough to be used for some kind of visual, for Sparkle perhaps.
Went to virgin late last night, and got myself some new stash. Talib Kweli's 12", PB Wolf's B-Ball Zombie War, She & Him's Volume 1 and M. Ward's single, To Go Home. Want to check out this hiphop record store, and hopefully I could get my hands on Madvillains on LP and maybe some other Stones Throw stuff. And also some Chocolate Industries stuff.
Dewi was asked to shoot for a studio she really likes tomorrow and I'm sure she'd ace it. Because shes amazing like that. She really is. :)

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