Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Soho / Noho.

Top: Something that Dewi might like. Beaten up backgrounds.

Last few digital shots of my stay in NY. Have 2/3 rolls of film I've yet to send for developing, might put them here once I get about doing it. During my last few days I bumped in Dave Chapelle, got t-shirts at really good prices and just kicking it. Tourism spots seldom appealed to me and I guess though we didn't go to the empire state building or that liberal statue, I think we have a fairly good idea how it's like being in this city. Hiphop sounded exceptionally well, via my ipod, through my nomadic rides on the Subway. And yea, I would like to come visit again. Hopefully better prepared to face the grueling flights the next time round.

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siti said...

oh shucks! all these while, i thought Dean & Deluca only exsisted in the show Felicity! :O thanks for the reality check!