Thursday, December 11, 2008

Raining cats and cat.

I didn't know which was more disappointing, not going to the planned location or the heavy rain. We went to Tanglin Halt. I figured it wasn't such a bad idea cos well, Tanglin has character what with the old blocks and such. Tanglin Halt is the ghetto. But when the train came out of Redhill, it was pouring!!! We walked in the rain. Nothing. Nothing much to shoot. That is, until this cat came along. But some kids called the cat away. Bah.

We walked some more.

I had gone past this mirror twice before thinking, it'd be good to come back. And I did. But I always had dynamo blue skies in mind though. Oh well, the rain was never a good friend of mine anyway when it comes to shootouts.

On a good note however, I have proven to myself that I can never get lost in Singapore. Cos by trusting my instinct as we walked through blocks of flats, I got us to Queenstown mrt(and we came from commonwealth!) after much humor from King Julien. I must've been Pocahontas in my last life.

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