Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New York, New York.

Didn't shoot on the first day I arrived, cos i didn't charge the camera's battery. Damn. First thing's first. I drew first blood (cash spent) on gum and Coke Classic. I love Coke Classic. Proceeded to getting some food from a stall on the streets and headed to American Apparel to get a scarf. I walked a lot, which was a good thing. Contemplated on getting a board cos 1) it might be snowing and 2) haven't come across any skateshops. The Element boutique doesn't count. Finally ended up at the Virgin megastore. Despite being a huge ass major company probably eating out all the independent shops out there, it has a selection that is impressive. Maybe its the States in general. And the prices are great too. Remember a time when CD's were about 23 - 26 bux before HMV came and fucked it over and before Borders lost a proper CD buyer. The prices here are amazing and the DVD selection is awesome. HMV at home is nowhere near this store.

Got Cavity, Kid Dynamite, The National E.P, and Rainer Maria for my Dewi. Ah! The highlight of today's expenditure however, took place at Moma. It's closed on Tuesdays, but the shop's open and to my delight, they have Evan Hecox's monograph 'Urban Abstract'. I think I did a mini 'YES!' with my fist clenched when i saw that book hahaha.

My sleeping pattern's not in tune with New York.
But that doesn't matter. :)

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