Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Kweli in Quality.

Top: Yes yes y'all!

Top: Click to see bigger image. Check out the building top (behind the lamp post).

There's some prob uploading 4 more photos here, so I'd just skip that. I spent the day talking to Dewi online, and only got out of the room 6 / 7 pm. It was raining today. Walked quite a bit yesterday and on the way home I realised that there's more hapening stuff on the other side of Times Square, where it leads to Fashion Avenue, etc.I think i was near / at Manhattan. Was walking and checking out stores along the way, and I saw this building, and it was kinda foggy a the top. And i realised it was nearthe Empire State Building. It was ultra foggy / smoky at the top, almost burning in smoke, not in flames. It looked brilliant where I was from.
Checked out K-Mart which is always great. Missed the one they had in $ingapore. Walked pass Madison Square Garden arena I think. Might be dropping by again with my folks later on. Maybe I should bring along my F80 just in case. Will see how. And yes, Talib Kweli is performing on the 22nd, somewhere near my place. Awesome.

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speak cryptic said...

kwelity pictures!

hope you're having a blast in the big apple and that you're keeping yourself warm.