Monday, December 22, 2008

Keep It Fat.

Top: Fat Beats.

Top: Who dat cat?

Finally took the Subway, after 2 weeks of being here. It was a pleasant first ride. Went on a search for Fat Beats. Stopped a little far off the place, but it was an okay walk. Dropped in some shops on the way, saw some good deals, etc. Had some good music on, and that soldiered me through the weather. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated it to be, so it was all good. Finally found there store and I wasn't disappointed at all. Fans who enjoy hiphop should drop by this joint. The selection is massive, the staff is helpful and its all enclosed in a cosy shop on the 2nd floor. Click on the link above to visit their site. There was Barnes & Noble along the street, to the left of the shop entrance. Dropped by and got me a promising book. Can't wait to start on it. Been too slacked on the literary side.

Braved the Subway on the ride back to the hotel. Took a wrong one and ended up close to Brooklyn. Had to drop off and alight another one, think I did it twice. Didn't really understand how the system worked, hopefully I'd get better with time. The subway was what it was meant to be. To say it was a little rough on the edges would be a major understatement. There were rats, it was dirty. And at stations which were open aired, it got really cold. And to be honest, a little freaky. The combination of the cold, (sent shivers, in more ways than one) and looking at the almost foggy night sky, through the cabin windows unsettled me, to be honest.

Might drop by MoMA later today, chill at a cafe reading my book, writing entries, sketching in my journal, maybe take some film shots along the way.

Missed Cowen's wedding and from what I saw from Dewi's shots, the bunch seemed to have a ton of fun. Cowen, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I couldn't make it. You looked good in your suit too. Send my love to Sheila. Congratulations :)

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