Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boss Town.

Top: We get our meals at Jo's.

Top: The street where John stays.

Top: John's cat, the amazing Blau.

Top: I'd settle for this any day. Newburry.

Top: HO-AG show posters.

Top: Old random bill / basement door.

Top: Basement access.

Top: Show at some guy's basement.

Top: Ketmen.

Top: Steps from the basement leading up.

Top: The view fom John's balcony.

Top: View outside the station.

I apologise for the late updates. It gets hectic when you miss a day's worth of uploads, and the shots just snowball, and the end aftermath is pretty overwhelming. So I gathered whatever might I had, and filtered, resized the photos.

Boston had been amazing. My weekend there has been fulfilling, caught great bands, got great merch (including my Garnett jersey), spent time with a good friend whom I wish to spend more time with when we are back in Singapore. The weather was so cold it was not funny.

John brought me to town to look for my jersey, but to no avail. We ended up with NBA 2K8 instead (which we ended up playin a game the next day). So we went to Newbury, and it was nice. Fresh from the business that New York entails, Newbury is just chilled. In more ways than one since its really cold. They had cool shops and I finally got my hands on my Garnett at a friendly sports store. Down the street there was a good record / comic store called Newbury Comics. A night there wasn't enough. Got myself some CDs before we headed to Matt's place, to get some HO-AG merch. Matt lives with his wife, and they both have this really cosy apartment. I like it a lot. They grow their own vegetables and stuff outside of winter. They live at the top floor if I'm not wrong, so their balcony is basically their roof. Awesome. He was telling us about the dead art of hand printed posters, which I was surprised, cos this IS Boston. He then showed some cool printed HO-AG posters.

We then went to this show at some guys basement. It was really nice. The basement was almost a wreck, raw walls, a made do space to keep stuff both wanted and unwanted. It was my first basement show experience. Met most of the guys there, we were there for Ketmen, which Joe played bass for. It was great. Hung out for a bit after the set ended, I walked around the streets and it was unbearably cold. Matt was kind enough to drive us back to John's, where Calvin was waiting. I got some munchies at Joseph's, ate, and knocked out. Got up the next day, played a game, packed up and left for New York, Peanut Butter Wolf was playing the Knitting Factory that night. I would stay longer if I could. If not for the music shopping, then it'd be just catching up with my man John. Fashionista extraordinaire. hahaha.

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